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Stylistic Analysis of “After Twenty Years” by O. Henry


Generally saying, everything has its own unique and mesmerizingly beautiful soul, so does the literature. In the huge world of literature there are so many complicated, but at the same time awesome hidden things that one generation is not enough for finding all them out. By the way our generation found out one of the marvelous ones – the stylistic devices. Stylistic devices let the writer to fully express all the emotions that he/she has in him/her and give a lit explanation of the story. It gives a writer an amazing opportunity to amaze a reader, and a reader – to be amazed by a story. In literature and writing stylistic devices are the key to success. They help a writer to take a reader to another world of books. At the same time it helps a student to astonish the teacher.

The aim of my paper is to analyze O. Henry’s one of amazing books called ‘After twenty years’. While reading it We noticed a lot of stylistic devices and thought that it would be a good choice for this paper. It has a really amazing language of stylistic devices and also astounds with the gist, adjectives and the connection of the paragraphs.

“After twenty years” is one of the best stories of O. Henry. It is about a man, whose name is Bob, who came to the same place for keeping an appointment he made twenty years ago with his dearest friend – Jimmy Wells. In the story it is told that that two men were amazing friends and one day, when their paths had to be destined, twenty years ago they made an appointment to meet at the same place, at the same time and tell each other about what they have achieved. Unfortunately, after twenty years it turns out too late for being as good friends as they were for a long time ago.


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