Рубрика: English

Tasks for 19.10 – 20.10

  1. b Read the article again and choose a, b, or c.
    1. 1 According to the article, shamans help people to…
      1. a communicate with dead relatives
      2. b solve their health problems
      3. c enter a parallel reality
    2. 2 Shamanshealpeopleby…
      1. a curing their depression
      2. b helping them to find something they have lost
      3. c dealing with their deep emotional problems
    3. 3 Harnam Sidhu and Shelly Khanna…
      1. a both had serious diseases
      2. b did not initially believe that shamanism could helpthem
      3. c have both become more deeply interested inshamanism
    4. 4 According to Klinger-Paul, shamanism…
      1. a requires time to work
      2. b only works ifpeople believe in it
      3. c may work only because ofthe placebo effect

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