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  • Put in the correct word.

1 Two people were seriously injured in the accident, (serious / seriously)

2 The driver of the car had serious injuries, (serious / seriously)

3 I think you behaved very selfishly (selfish / selfishly)

4 Tanya is terribly upset about Losing her job. (terrible / terribly)

5 There was a sudden change in the weather, (sudden / suddenly)

6 Everybody at the carnival was dressed colourfully, (colourful / colourfully)

7 Linda usually wears colourful clothes, (colourful / colourfully)

8 Liz fell and hurt herself really badly (bad / badly)

9 Joe says he didn’t do well at school because he was badly taught, (bad / badly)

10 The children were playing in the garden happily (happy / happily)

  • Examination Card 1.

Task 1. Read the text, translate the last passage into English:

Jack was a young sailor. He lived in England, but he was often away with his ship.

One summer he came back from a long voyage and found new neighbours near his mother’s house. They had a pretty daughter, and Jack soon loved her very much.

He said to her, ‘My next voyage will begin in a few days’ time, Gloria. I love you, and I’ll marry you when I come back. I’ll think about you all the time, and I’ll write to you and send you a present from every port.’

Առաջին նավահանգիստը, որտեղ Ջաքը կանգ առավ, Ֆրիթաունն էր: Նա այնտեղից Գլորիային թութակ ուղարկեց: Այդ թութակը խոսում էր հինգ լեզվով:

Երբ Ջաքի նավը հասավ Ավստրալիա, նա նամակ ստացավ Գլորիայից: Նամակում գրված էր. «Շնորհակալություն թութակի համար, Ջա՛ք: Այն ավելի համեղ էր քան ճուտը»:

The first port where Jack stopped was Freetown.He sent Gloria a parrot from there .That parrot spoke five languages. When Jack’s ship arrived in Australia, he received a letter from Gloria.”Thank you for the parrot, Jack” was written in the letter. “It was more delicious than the chicken. ”

Task 2. Use the verbs in the brackets in the correct tense form:

  1. I have never come (never come) across such a big snake in my life. What about you?
  2. We were looking for (look for) her ring for two hours when we found it in the bathroom.
  3. Hi, I am(be) Matt Rotell, a friend of Alice’s.
  4. While climbing onto the mountain top, I met (meet) a strange animal which I’d never seen before.
  5. If I find (find) a good job, I’ll move to Madrid.

Task 2

  • Essay ”My favourite corner in the school. Where do you like to spend your time? Why?”

I am studying at Mkhitar Sebastaci Educational Complex. Our schools is very big and very beautiful. There is a lot of interesting places.The library is my favourite place in my school because it meets almost all my needs. I stay in the library for one or two hours when I have any free time between classes. There are so many books. There is very interesting books and also there is very quite so you can do your homework and work on your tasks, projects. Group members can discuss assignments, make a PowerPoint presentation, practice presentations, and do all kinds of things together. However, as library is such a big and bright place, I always feel comfortable in there no matter what I am doing.

Choose the correctly formulated Passive constructions.

  1. This easy work can be done without anybody‟s help.
  2. We found the room exactly as it had been left the night before.
  3. Tobacco introduced to France by Jean Nicot.
  4. This modular computer has used by our researchers.
  5. Gayane was first staged on December 3, 1942 in Perm during World War II.


  1. The first chewing-gum was made by Thomas Adams.
  2. Have these benches painted recently?
  3. The students being examined by the professor at that time.
  4. The vase made of crystal was broken to pieces.
  5. Lincoln was shot in the head by John Wilkes Booth, an actor.


  1. Marie Tussaud created her first wax figure (of Voltaire) in 1777.
  2. Before him lay a splendid garden, full of blossom and scent.
  3. I have been misunderstood – no intention to hurt you.
  4. Is that big hat made of straw?
  5. Many of Van Gogh‟s best works were created in 1889, in an asylum.


  1. He will have published several poems by the end of the year.
  2. What holidays are celebrated in your country in autumn and winter?
  3. G. Washington is known to all Americans as “The Father of the Nation”.
  4. The dynamite had invented by Alfred Nobel.
  5. Charlie Chaplin is considered one of the most famous stars of the early days of Hollywood.


  1. Will the scientific seminar be held in two days?
  2. The scientists have been making these experiments for the last few years.
  3. Nobel preferred that people didn’t remember him as the inventor of dynamite.
  4. The patent matter was still being discussed.
  5. The Smiths weren’t invited to that meeting.

Task 2

  • Search and find the most unusual, unique hotel in the world and write interesting information about it.

Icehotel is the world’s first hotel made of ice and snow. Founded in 1989, it is reborn in a new guise every winter, in the Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi, 200 km (125 mi) north of the Arctic Circle. The hotel has around 150 warm and cold rooms respectively. The latter have an ice décor and a bed made of ice which is covered with reindeer hides (you sleep in a thermal sleeping bag). The hotel also includes an ice church, ice bar, ice sculpting studio and pillar hall, in addition to two heated restaurants, lounge, four meeting rooms and two wilderness camps.

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Essay ” Our school web-site. Do you find it useful? If yes, why. If no, why. Suggest some ways to make it better”

Our school has its own website which I find very useful. I think the site gives us quite a lot of advantages. Using the site, we get a lot of information, for example, we see the work of our friends, our work, interesting photos, teachers ‘ blogs, our blogs, etc.

Exercise on If Clauses

Complete the sentences.

  1. If your conditions are competitive, we will place  an order.
  2. If I had more time, I would do  a course in business English.
  3. If we had known more about their culture, negotiating would have been easier.
  4. If you customize  your CV, your chances of getting a job will be better.
  5. We will cancel  our order if you don’t deliver the goods by Friday.
  6. If Brittany speaks   better English, she would apply for a job abroad.
  7. If you would have told me about the problem, I would have helped you.
  8. I would let  you know if I weren’t satisfied.
  9. If you execute the order carelessly, they will not place  another order with you in the future.
  10. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry  about the presentation.

3. Fill in the gaps with a form of the passive. The tense could be past, present or future.

1. Many rock stars say the real thrill is that they enjoy  to be watched by thousands of adoring fans.

2. Your car is a death trap. It should be sent to the scrap yard years ago!

3. I’m sorry this office is so dirty but it can’t be cleaned  until tomorrow morning at the earliest.

4. Any teacher who hits a student should be sacked immediately.

5. John’s big dream is that he wants be discovered by a big time music producer.

6.  To be robbed in the street is a terrifying experience indeed.

7. The factory is losing a lot of money every week and  will be shut next Thursday.

8. But it might be saved if we make an appeal to the local bank.

9. Before being recycled, glass bottles are thoroughly washed and the labels removed.

10. Jak was fired from the local car wash because, even though he hadn’t paid, he let his friend’s car be washed.

4. Reading text: Robot teachers, read and do task 1, task 2 1. Most jobs seem as if they can be done by robots or computers.TrueCorrectFalse2. Robots are always better at diagnosing illnesses than doctors.TrueCorrectFalse3. Many experts agree robots will replace teachers by 2027.TrueCorrectFalse4. One advantage of robot teachers is that they don’t need to rest.CorrectTrueFalse5. Robot assistants could help teachers by marking homework and writing reports.CorrectTrueFalse6. Some teachers use robots to reduce their time answering emails and marking homework.TrueCorrectFalseTask. 21.It’s easy to think robots …will replace people even if we don’t like the idea.are more capable than people and it’s true.Correctcan do less than people but it’s not always true.

2.Anthony Seldon thinks teachers in the future will …Correcthelp robots in class.teach knowledge to students.no longer exist.

3.Robots will probably never …Correcthave human understanding of emotions.be a popular choice for teachers.be intelligent enough to work in education.

4.Some parts of the world …pay robots to teach.already use robots in teaching jobs.Correcthave a shortage of teachers.

5.Teachers …work harder than office workers.Correcthave less help than office workers.leave their jobs to become office workers.

6.Robots could …empathise with students.Correctmark homework.prepare lessons.

5. Drag the words into the correct boxes.

1. At school I was good at two subjects, French and Spanish, so I took them both

at university.

2. I was a good student and my essays were always handed in

on time.

3. I studied really hard and attended all my lectures

every week.

4. When it was time for exams, I revised for weeks


5. After three years, I received an average grade of A

which was a great result( Revised for weeks, handed in, Grade of A, all my lectures, took them both).

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Essay “If you could change one important thing in your country, what would you change? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answers”

I would like to change in myb country thinking of people about cleanliness of our country. There are many recycle bines in our country but people continue to pollute the invorment. They throw away pockets from food, paper and pice of sigarets in the street. Many of them spit in the street and it’s so unpolite. Our municipality has a many workers, who clean the streets. They aren’t so young people and they job difficult for them. And sometimes when throw away something in the street we must to think about them.  So it’s very important to change our mantality about cleanliness our country.

1. Complete the Conditional Sentences with the correct form (Type I, II or III).

  • If I ………..  stronger, I’d help you carry the piano.am
    will be
    had been
    would be
    would have been
  • If we’d seen you, we……… stop
    will stop
    had stopped
    would stop
    would have stopped
  • If we……………him tomorrow, we’ll say hello.meet
    will meet
    had met
    would meet
    would have met
  • He would have repaired the car himself if he …….. the tools.has
    will have
    had had
    would have
    would have had
  • If you drop the vase, it ………….breaks
    will break
    had broken
    would break
    would have broken
  • If I hadn’t studied, I ……  the exam do not pass
    will not pass
    did not pass
    had not passed
    would not pass
    would not have passed
  • I wouldn’t go to school by bus if I …..have
    will have
    had had
    would have
    would have had
    a driving license.
  • If she ……..         him every day, she’d be lovesick.doesn’t see
    won’t see
    hadn’t seen
    didn’t see
    wouldn’t see
    wouldn’t have seen
  • I  ……   to London if I don’t get a cheap flight.
    won’t travel
    didn’t travel
    hadn’t traveled
    wouldn’t travel
    wouldn’t have traveled
  • We’d be stupid if we  ……   him about our secret
    will tell
    had told
    would tell
    would have told
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  1. He was seen by nobody yesterday.
  2. The money will be received tomorrow.
  3. The book will be given to me next week by him.
  4. The answer of this question can be fond in the encyclopedia.
  5. We will shown the historical monuments of the capital to the delegation tomorrow.
  6. The interesting information about the life in the USA can be found in this book.
  7. Budapest is divided by the Danube into two parts: Buda and Pest.
  8. Moscow was founded in 1147 by Yuri Dolgorusky.
  9. The Moscow University was founded by Lomonosov.
  10. Zhukovsky is called the father of Russian aviation by us.
  11. The doctor was spoken very highly by him.
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a) Midsummer is a very popular festival in Sweden. True.

b) Midsummer celebrates the end of summer. False.

c) Most people spend Midsummer outside city. True.

d) Everyone goes to bed early on Midsummer Day. False.

e) At the Oyster Festival, there’s a competiton to see who can open thirty oysters the fastest. True.

f) At the Oyster Festival there are a lot of parties. True.

g) The oysters Festival is only for Irish people. False.

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1.He said, “I like this song.”
→ He said that he likes that song.

2.“Where is your sister?” she asked me.
→ She asked me where was my sister.

3.“I don’t speak Italian,” she said.
→ She said that she didn’t speak Italian.

4.“Say hello to Jim,” they said.
→ They asked me to say hello to Jim.

5.“The film began at seven o’clock,” he said.
→ He said that the film had begun at seven o’clock.

6.“Don’t play on the grass, boys,” she said.
→ She told the boys not to play on the grass.

7.“Where have you spent your money?” she asked him.
→ She asked him where he had spent his money.

8.“I never make mistakes,” he said.
→ He said that he never made a mistakes.

9.“Does she know Robert?” he wanted to know.
→ He wanted to know if she knew Robert.

10.“Don’t try this at home,” the stuntman told the audience.
→ The stuntman advised the audience not to try it at home.

Рубрика: English


He said .”Don’t do it!”

He said to me »Don’t do it»

2. She said “I’m leaving tomorrow.”

She said that she was leaving the next day.

3. He said “Please get me a cup of tea.”

He asked me, to get his a cup of tea.

4. He said “She got married last year.”

He said, that she got married last year

5. She said to me “Could you explain number four, please?”

She asked me if could I explained number four

6.She said  “Where do you live?

She asked where did i live.

7. He said “We went to the cinema and then to a Chinese restaurant.

He said, that they went to the cinema and then to a Chinese restaurant.

8. She said “I’ll come and help you at twelve.”

She said, that she would come and helped at twelve.

9. He said to me “What are you doing tomorrow?”

He asked me what I was doing the next day.

10. He said “Don’t go!”

He told me not to go.

11. She said “Come here!”

She told me to come here.

12, She said “I’ve never been to Wales.”

She said, that she had never been to Wales.

13. He said ”I don’t like mushrooms.”

He said, that he didn’t like mushrooms.

14.She said “How often do you play sport?”

She said how often did you play sport

15. She said to me ” How long did it take you to go there?”

She asked me how long had it taken me to go there.

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Hometask for 21/01

Write down the correct form of the word in brackets (adjective or adverb).

  1. Tom is (slow) . He works slowly
  2. Sue is a (careful)  girl. She climbed up the ladder carefully .
  3. The dog is (angry) . It barks .
  4. He acted (excellent) . He’s an excellent  actor.
  5. They learn English (easily) . They think English is an easy  language.
  6. Max is a (good)  singer. He sings well
  7. It’s (awful)  cold today. The cold wind is awful
  8. Dogs rely on their noses as they can smell (extreme / good) . If that is true, why does dog food smell so (terrible) ?
  9. The little boy looked (sad) . I went over to comfort him and he looked at me sadly
  10. I tasted the soup (carefuly)  but it tasted (wonderful)
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How do you celebrate your New Year?

Картинки по запросу new year

For me New Year is the best time of the year.It’s like a magic.I like to spent my New Year with my family and friends.For about 6 years i spent New Year in Tsaghkadzor with my family.That holiday is one of those which reunited famiy.I think that in New Year everybody wait that their wishes or dreams will come true.

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At half past 11 every year we gethers around the table and when 12 strickes we kiss each other and wish a lucky and healthy year.Most of all i like New Year’s dishes prepared by my Mom,she is the best chef for me. I like to give gifts my sisters,mom or grandmom.I also love to resive gifts. This is how i celebrate my New Year and i think that this year it must be same.